Welcome!. Having purchased a nifty little 2450 Photo scanner from Epson I thought I would experiment by putting up a picture gallery containing photos from my travels while working on seismic crews from 1972 onwards. I will update the site as more photo's and slides get scanned in.

I really enjoyed my years in an industry that was driven by people with character, determination and resourcefulness. Essential qualities when working in remote and sometimes  inhospitable parts of the world. Best bit is that I would happily do it all again. So a big thanks to all you SSL'rs who made working almost anywhere in the world a pleasurable challenge.

Click on the Photos below to look at a selection of photo's from that part of the world.



Early Morning near Kissingani Early Morning near Kissingani
 The Congo River   1973    Abu Dhabi 1976 - P012      Saudi Arabia   1973     Indonesia
Early Morning near Kissingani Early Morning near Kissingani
Nigeria  1977     Libya  1980 - P136,139  Egypt      The Yemen
Cameroon  1975 - P882  Gabon 1974 UK